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Dull Skin: The Causes And Solutions

Major Causes of Dull Skin and 4 Powerful Brightening Tips to Combat Dull Skin Symptoms of Dull Skin and Causes Before talking about solutions, we first need to understand the chemical that plays an essential role in the cause of dull skin - melanin. Melanin

What Is Bio-Cellulose?

The Invention And Benefits of Bio-Cellulose Masks Before jumping into bio-cellulose, let's first learn the history of face masks. Sheet masks (also called face masks) are face-shaped fabrics soaked in skincare serum to achieve a variety of benefits. The invention of face masks can be

Are Bio Cellulose Face Masks Edible?

Everyone knows jellyfish can be dangerous. However, many species of jellyfish are edible for humans, and they are used in cuisines in many Asian countries. If you are a face mask enthusiast, you've probably heard or used bio cellulose masks. Bio cellulose is the most

Bio Cellulose and Kombucha are Closely Related!?

If you are a kombucha lover, you’ve probably seen a kombucha scoby, the thick, slimy, and cloudy mass that aids the fermentation process. Kombucha scoby is very similar to bio cellulose, made from a similar bacteria species. The difference is that bio cellulose is made


The Largest Organ Skin is the human body’s largest organ, so it is constantly changing. Our skin changes with aging, the environment, climate, diet, and lifestyle. There are so many factors that affect your skin. The skin is healthy when it’s in balance. Next time

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