Everyone knows jellyfish can be dangerous. However, many species of jellyfish are edible for humans, and they are used in cuisines in many Asian countries.

If you are a face mask enthusiast, you’ve probably heard or used bio cellulose masks. Bio cellulose is the most advanced face mask material with various benefits like higher absorption, better adhesion, etc. The texture is slimy and translucent, just like a jellyfish. 

Bio cellulose is actually made from fermented coconut water and a type of bacteria called Acetobacter Xylinum. This type of bacteria is picky, and they prefer the carbohydrates and nutrients from coconut water. Only at the right temperature and humidity will the bacteria stay active and produce high-quality bio cellulose. 

Because bio cellulose is a natural mask material, “woven” from bacteria with fermented fruit juice, it’s theoretically an edible material. However, if you eat the mask that has been soaked in serum, you’ll most likely end up in the hospital. Don’t try it!